Wait On It by Pacaso Ramirez [Free Download]

In this Fast Food Society, we’ve been conditioned to this “I Want It Now” mentality. There’s an understanding that if I just go hard for it, then I can take what’s mine, whenever I want it. Obviously, we are taught to work hard and strive for the things that we want, but just because we want them, doesn’t always mean that it’s beneficial, and just because it’s obtainable, doesn’t always mean that we should pursue it. “Wait On It” reminds the listener that the things that we want, and the things that we need can be the same thing, and that when the time is right for us to have them they will manifest because they’ve been ordained by God as a blessing and a provision.

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Freestyle by TheNewOne [Christian Hip Hop – Free Download]

“Freestyle” is the first single off of TheNewOne’s album, slated to drop in the Spring of 2021. TheNewOne states in recollection that, “I wrote this song the night after I almost died by a car falling off its jack stand while I was underneath it.” The experience left him pondering numerous amounts of current events that are plaguing our society. This song speaks to several things that are near and dear to TheNewOne’s heart. He discusses the unhealthy LOVE of handguns in America (which are specifically created to kill humans more efficiently), the objectification of women in our music, and his personal answer to our recent outcry for respect stemming from 2020 protests, Black Lives Matter, Police Brutality, Systematic Racism, and more.

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Somewhere Other Than Here by Pacaso Ramirez [Christian Hip Hop – Free Download]

‘Somewhere Other Than Here’ marks quite an impressive run for Christian Hip Hop veteran artist Pacaso Ramirez. Coming a year after his last album ‘Sparxx Gotta Fly’, the new 9-song album is project number 17 since 2005 for the Blood Related Entertainment emcee.

‘Somewhere Other Than Here’ also includes a first in Ramirez’s impressive resume. The album is being dropped in collaboration with FiveTwenty Presents, a division of FiveTwenty Collective, that is looking to showcase well-deserving talent within the independent CHH space.

Ramirez decided to take the listener on a journey to the middle of nowhere, seeking solace and inviting those who tune in to go along with him.

“I’ve spent the last 16 years devoted to the truth of the Scriptures,” explains Ramirez. “I understand that the urgency of hope, faith, and the Gospel all collide at the pinnacle of our every day. ‘Somewhere Other Than Here’ is almost an Elijah type moment (after he defeated Jezebel) when he fled to a cave in the middle of nowhere. I hope the album provides an interesting and enjoyable listen for those who come with me.”

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Crossroads by Mr. Marshall [Christian Hip Hop – Free Download]

Blood Related Entertainment has been hard at work bringing the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those willing to hear since 2014. With the label’s discography available for free via their Bandcamp page, it is easy to see the heart and the mission God has given to not only the christian hip hop artists, but Blood Related’s CEO – Mr. Marshall.

Mr. Marshall is set to release his newest project, titled ‘Crossroads’, on July 21, 2020.

‘Crossroads’ is a 15-track album that is representative of a time of choice and trusting in the promises that God has given us. “There comes a time in every man’s life that they have to make some tough decisions that will further shape their future,” Mr. Marshall describes. “In a season of transition, following a path that goes way beyond music, the Lord has given what may be the final full length Mr. Marshall christian hip hop project. ‘Crossroads’ is a thorough reminder to follow where the Lord is leading you, not to look back, but to keep your eyes on the prize which is Christ Jesus.”

The album features production by Anno Domini Nation, John Murdock, and Project Pluto. It also includes musical contributions from TheNewOne, Anwah, Big J, and Da General.

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Sparxx Gotta Fly | Pacaso Ramirez

After carefully crafting ‘Sparxx Gotta Fly’ for the last five years, Christian Rap artist Pacaso Ramirez is ready to share his new project with the world.

The new project, releasing via Blood Related Entertainment, is 18 tracks of classic hip hop. The title for the project came to be when a friend of Ramirez said that “when iron sharpens iron, sparks gotta fly.” This became the theme of the Christian Rap album. Hitting on many topics that encourage and help others assess their current situation in life, Ramirez is making sure the project is able to do just that by making it available as a free download.

“As an emcee of 29 years, ‘Sparxx Gotta Fly’ has to be my personal Opus. My goal was to speak about the things that most people don’t talk about and, at the same time, provide a personal glimpse into the psyche of someone that has given their life over to Christ. Someone that is willing to go deeper than what we see on the surface.”
The project features the lead single “Tell Me Where I’d Go”.

“This album is meant to skate across many topics that will not only encourage but help others assess their current situation in life. My goal with Sparxx Gotta Fly was to speak about the things that most people don’t talk about and at the same time provide a personal glimpse into the psyche of someone that has given their life over to Christ and is willing to go deeper than what we see on the surface.”

Project Details: Recorded – Blood Related South | Ruther Glen, VA | Engineered – Project Pluto | Artwork – Anthony “Pacaso” Ramirez | Production – Project Pluto, ProRayDucer, Preston Perry | Features – Emtyhiphop, Mr. Marshall, Mark Collins, Jerrell Golden, Big Glenn

‘Sparxx Gotta Fly’ was released on August 14, 2019 and is available across digital outlets as well as a free download on Blood Related’s Bandcamp page.

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