Beat Pack #1 by Project Pluto

According to his label mates, Project Pluto is one of the most gifted and talented producers in Christian Hip Hop or any other genre for that matter. His unique approaches to creating instrumentals stem from his wide range of influences, which look way beyond Hip Hop, Rock, Reggae, Latin Grassroots, and much more. Pluto also is a very generous and humble person, enough that he would want to give almost everything he produces away for free. This is why he is offering this 15 Track Unlimited Lease Beat Tape for next to nothing. For those aspiring rappers out there, paying $50 for an entire beat tape is a gold mine, and even getting a quality track at $15 a piece is an amazing find. These tracks are only available in WAV format, and can not be tracked out.

Listen to the Album Here:

Blood Related Entertainment