Wait On It by Pacaso Ramirez [Free Download]

In this Fast Food Society, we’ve been conditioned to this “I Want It Now” mentality. There’s an understanding that if I just go hard for it, then I can take what’s mine, whenever I want it. Obviously, we are taught to work hard and strive for the things that we want, but just because we want them, doesn’t always mean that it’s beneficial, and just because it’s obtainable, doesn’t always mean that we should pursue it. “Wait On It” reminds the listener that the things that we want, and the things that we need can be the same thing, and that when the time is right for us to have them they will manifest because they’ve been ordained by God as a blessing and a provision.

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Somewhere Other Than Here by Pacaso Ramirez [Christian Hip Hop – Free Download]

‘Somewhere Other Than Here’ marks quite an impressive run for Christian Hip Hop veteran artist Pacaso Ramirez. Coming a year after his last album ‘Sparxx Gotta Fly’, the new 9-song album is project number 17 since 2005 for the Blood Related Entertainment emcee.

‘Somewhere Other Than Here’ also includes a first in Ramirez’s impressive resume. The album is being dropped in collaboration with FiveTwenty Presents, a division of FiveTwenty Collective, that is looking to showcase well-deserving talent within the independent CHH space.

Ramirez decided to take the listener on a journey to the middle of nowhere, seeking solace and inviting those who tune in to go along with him.

“I’ve spent the last 16 years devoted to the truth of the Scriptures,” explains Ramirez. “I understand that the urgency of hope, faith, and the Gospel all collide at the pinnacle of our every day. ‘Somewhere Other Than Here’ is almost an Elijah type moment (after he defeated Jezebel) when he fled to a cave in the middle of nowhere. I hope the album provides an interesting and enjoyable listen for those who come with me.”

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Sparxx Gotta Fly | Pacaso Ramirez

After carefully crafting ‘Sparxx Gotta Fly’ for the last five years, Christian Rap artist Pacaso Ramirez is ready to share his new project with the world.

The new project, releasing via Blood Related Entertainment, is 18 tracks of classic hip hop. The title for the project came to be when a friend of Ramirez said that “when iron sharpens iron, sparks gotta fly.” This became the theme of the Christian Rap album. Hitting on many topics that encourage and help others assess their current situation in life, Ramirez is making sure the project is able to do just that by making it available as a free download.

“As an emcee of 29 years, ‘Sparxx Gotta Fly’ has to be my personal Opus. My goal was to speak about the things that most people don’t talk about and, at the same time, provide a personal glimpse into the psyche of someone that has given their life over to Christ. Someone that is willing to go deeper than what we see on the surface.”
The project features the lead single “Tell Me Where I’d Go”.

“This album is meant to skate across many topics that will not only encourage but help others assess their current situation in life. My goal with Sparxx Gotta Fly was to speak about the things that most people don’t talk about and at the same time provide a personal glimpse into the psyche of someone that has given their life over to Christ and is willing to go deeper than what we see on the surface.”

Project Details: Recorded – Blood Related South | Ruther Glen, VA | Engineered – Project Pluto | Artwork – Anthony “Pacaso” Ramirez | Production – Project Pluto, ProRayDucer, Preston Perry | Features – Emtyhiphop, Mr. Marshall, Mark Collins, Jerrell Golden, Big Glenn

‘Sparxx Gotta Fly’ was released on August 14, 2019 and is available across digital outlets as well as a free download on Blood Related’s Bandcamp page.

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Tell Me Where I’d Go | Pacaso Ramirez

After 29 years of creating Contemporary Hip Hop music, you get to a time where you question, “Is it time to hang it up?” and “What am I still doing this for?”. Tell Me Where I’d Go is a song that stems from that attitude of questioning my passion for making Contemporary Hip Hop, and the desire and will to keep on going, and if I do keep on going, what are the benefits? The last line in the first verse, I state: “Hopelessly, need to change my environment, feeling like Marshawn Lynch’s Twitter retirement.” I thought the way that Marshawn Lynch, a man of few words, tells the world that he’s hanging it up during Super Bowl weekend with a simple Twitter Pic of a pair of cleats hanging on a power line with the peace sign emoticon was Smooth Criminal type of epic. Absolutely G. I can relate, though through music, I’m a man of many words, outside of song making, I’d rather speak when it’s necessary. What’s funny though, when Marshawn Lynch signed a 2 year deal with the Raiders, Marquette King posted an image of him retrieving Lynch’s cleats for him. Hilarious, but these two instances seem to sum up this entire song for me. Please enjoy it.

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Twin Towers | Intensive Praise Unit

Intensive Praise Unit drops their first album “Twin Towers” under Blood Related Entertainment. Despite being a new face in the Digital Contemporary Rap scene, Intensive Praise Unit is no stranger. Over the passed 10 years, IPU has quietly performed quality sets with fan favorites like “Give God Some Praise” and “What Would You Do”, amongst many others.

The concept behind “Twin Towers” not only reflects on the group as being a dual emcee threat, but it also reflects on the groups Ground Zero status, and the rebuilding and relaunching of Intensive Praise Unit underneath the Contemporary Rap and Blood Related Entertainment platform.

On “Twin Towers”, you’ll find songs labeled by the sub-titles “Ground Zero” and “The Rebuild”. Ground Zero are songs that have been written and performed by Intensive Praise Unit over the course of the last 10 years, these tracks have been revamped with new instrumentals giving these tracks new life, and on The Rebuild, you will find new tracks that have been written for this album.

Intensive Praise Unit’s way of crafting stories with pain, hope and faith not only draw attention to our human flaws and our need for a savior, but also show that through life’s abundant trials, our way of escape resides in Jesus Christ.

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EchoChrist | EmtyHipHop

EchoChrist by EmtyHipHop

EmtyHipHop releases his latest Gospel Hip Hop album simply entitled “EchoChrist”. For those of you that know Michael Turk, you will know that he has the heart of Apostle Paul, and takes the stance to know nothing but Christ Jesus and Him Crucified (1 Cor. 2:2). Each track has the essence of the Gospel and saving Grace of Jesus Christ embedded in it, over boom bap beats, and the incredible lyricism that Gospel hip hop Artist Emtyhiphop is known for. #EchoChrist

Born in 1983 Michael Turk, aka ‘emty’ was raised in Los Angeles, CA. He fell in love with hip hop at an early age. His fellow childhood friends listened to the likes of Snoop Dogg and Westside Connection while Mike enjoyed the likes of Wu-tang, Redman and A Tribe called Quest which would help shape his lyrical style. While in middle school he connected with a group of high school students who formed a hip-hop group called Melodic Device. He hung around these older and gifted MC’S and began to shape his own style. Two years after high school he was invited to a church service at Calvary Chapel South Bay where the late Pastor Steve Mayes was preaching. Mike felt God speak to him during the service and he came forward to surrender his life to Christ. After the alter call the pastors had him walk to a back room to receive prayer and a free bible. When he walked to the back he was greeted by a young man around his same age wearing baggy pants and a lakers jersey. The man asked him “you like hip-hop?” This man explained to mike that his name was APX and he was a christian hip-hop artist. APX stated that God told him to bring 2 cd’s to church that morning and he gave them to mike. This began a love for Christian hip-hop and it was an eye opening experience to the power an mc can make through a musical medium.

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All or Nothing: Not For Sale | Blood Related Entertainment

Positive Hip Hop label Blood Related Entertainment released a label wide compilation, Beyond the Walls, Volume 1 with positive hip hop artists all over the globe. Since then, Blood Related Entertainment has expanded it’s team with individuals that are passionate about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and use their voices to share their testimonies and express their faith in that Gospel. In December of 2018, the expanded group of labelmates from Blood Related Entertainment, released a 7 track follow up, All or Nothing: Not For Sale EP – which begins with the banger title track, and then journeys through a series of tracks that excites transparency, strength, consummation, a message to emcees, society from an animalistic approach, and a Political overview. This project is a push to move through a time of trials on many fronts. Better is coming.

Each artist in the Blood Related Family brings something passionate and unique to the the table. Blood Related Entertainment is currently made up of 7 Emcees, 1 Singer, 1 DJ & 1 Engineer/Producer. God has built this team the same way He built the 12 Disciples, each one of us had a calling, but it’s together that all callings begin to work as a unit to accomplish the Will of God for our lives.

As a mass unit of brothers, that aim to serve the Lord diligently, in obedience and truth, it would be our pleasure to come minister at your event. Whether it’s through music, word or deed – our service is part of our worship towards the King of Kings.

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Until Our Last Breath | The RNF Status & Pacaso Ramirez

When you have 2 artist that have a work ethic that doesn’t quit, and you put them together to accomplish the same goal, which is a dope quality Contemporary Gospel Hip Hop Album, you get a project like Until Our Last Breath. Until Our Last Breath is an offering by Virginia Based Emcee Pacaso Ramirez and Florida Based Emcee The RNF Status, and these 2 emcees combine to bring a quality project that is rooted in Boom Bap Hip Hop, Lyrical Exhibitions and a message that explores and excites faith. The message of Christian Faith is saturated in this project from the inspiring intro from Pastor James T. Murkison to the last track entitled simply “Until Our Last Breath” conclude that no matter the circumstance, no matter the trial, no matter the day or agenda, we will live in a way the serves the Lord Jesus Christ, and exudes the principles of heaven.

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Rise & Become New by Mr. Marshall

Many know Marlon Marshall as the quiet, funny type. The type of guy that doesn’t speak unless he really has something to say, and when he does speak it’s because he’s weighed the understanding of the purpose of what he says against his morals and divine truth.

Others know Marlon Marshall as Nuisance Da Chosen, 1 half of Frontline Soldiers, a Christian Hip Hop Group out of Northern VA, that has dropped mixtape after mixtape since 2005. In 2014, Marlon Marshall signed the dotted line on a new registered venture entitled Blood Related Entertainment, and since Marlon Marshall has become the Owner/CEO of Blood Related Entertainment, you can address him simply as, Mr. Marshall.

Mr. Marshall drops his first solo album after a 15 year stint with Frontline Soldiers, and his first as a CEO entitled, “Rise & Become New”. On this album, you will hear Marlon’s story, his life of pain, a life of mistakes, a life of screw ups, and a life of redemption. Where he finds hope, how he measures truth, and what causes him to be the type of man that he has become.

There is much to indulge on with this album, with 18 tracks, you will find so much more than what you bargained for, and it will definitely end up on constant rotation, or your new go to album because of Mr. Marshall’s lyrical consistency and raspy delivery.

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