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Positive Hip Hop label Blood Related Entertainment released a label wide compilation, Beyond the Walls, Volume 1 with positive hip hop artists all over the globe. Since then, Blood Related Entertainment has expanded it’s team with individuals that are passionate about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and use their voices to share their testimonies and express their faith in that Gospel. In December of 2018, the expanded group of labelmates from Blood Related Entertainment, released a 7 track follow up, All or Nothing: Not For Sale EP – which begins with the banger title track, and then journeys through a series of tracks that excites transparency, strength, consummation, a message to emcees, society from an animalistic approach, and a Political overview. This project is a push to move through a time of trials on many fronts. Better is coming.

Each artist in the Blood Related Family brings something passionate and unique to the the table. Blood Related Entertainment is currently made up of 7 Emcees, 1 Singer, 1 DJ & 1 Engineer/Producer. God has built this team the same way He built the 12 Disciples, each one of us had a calling, but it’s together that all callings begin to work as a unit to accomplish the Will of God for our lives.

As a mass unit of brothers, that aim to serve the Lord diligently, in obedience and truth, it would be our pleasure to come minister at your event. Whether it’s through music, word or deed – our service is part of our worship towards the King of Kings.

Listen to the Positive Hip Hop Album Here:

A Mixture of Us

Paul Gaskins aka Paul G, a District of Columbia native, had a vision in mind when he decided to create the Gospel Rap EP: A Mixture of Us. Though you see A Mixture of Us as Paul Gaskins, John Gaskins and Markel Brewster, Paul has referenced A Mixture of Us as any individual who has come together collectively to make a quality product and offering to the Lord Jesus Christ. This particular version of A Mixture of Us is a 5 track offering from the 3 artists mentioned above, and with a quality 5 track EP, and the amazing chemistry between these 3 individuals, it leaves you wanting so much more. You won’t be disappointed.

Growing up in the Washington DC area, Paul’s Dad was a Pastor, and instead of forcing him to live as a Christian, He allowed him to experience all the ups and downs that life had to offer. In his younger years , Paul found his way into exploring drugs, alcohol and other illegal activities. Paul knew he had a gift to sing, so he began playing and singing at clubs, at the age of 15. It was during this time that he realized the life that he was leading was sinful, and decided that this life wasn’t for him. He shortly chose to turn from the world and follow God. After converting into the ways of a Christian, Paul began singing in a band called GodsBlendBand where they traveled and performed up and down the entire east coast. With this band, God allowed Paul to witness people’s lives being changed from the inside out. Though the band isn’t together anymore, his mission has stayed the same, which is to continue to serve God using the gifts he has given him, maintain his passion for singing and telling people about Jesus, and seeing lives changed.

Listen to the Gospel Rap Album Here:

Your Presence by Paul G. feat. Sherrie Chante’ [SINGLE]

With Paul Gaskins, Worship and Praise is part of the DNA strands that make up the integrity of a person. He lives to worship the Lord Jesus Christ, and his life actions and relationships built are nothing short of this sentiment. His first official single under Blood Related Entertainment, “Your Presence” only culminates this desire to worship the Lord. Paul G states, “that I can live forever with you”, bringing to the forefront that being in the presence of the Lord is a place of residency in your heart and in your life. This is definitely one of those worship tracks that you can literally put on repeat for hours and just invite the presence of the Lord, and worship him with reckless abandon.

Rise & Become New by Mr. Marshall

Many know Marlon Marshall as the quiet, funny type. The type of guy that doesn’t speak unless he really has something to say, and when he does speak it’s because he’s weighed the understanding of the purpose of what he says against his morals and divine truth.

Others know Marlon Marshall as Nuisance Da Chosen, 1 half of Frontline Soldiers, a Christian Hip Hop Group out of Northern VA, that has dropped mixtape after mixtape since 2005. In 2014, Marlon Marshall signed the dotted line on a new registered venture entitled Blood Related Entertainment, and since Marlon Marshall has become the Owner/CEO of Blood Related Entertainment, you can address him simply as, Mr. Marshall.

Mr. Marshall drops his first solo album after a 15 year stint with Frontline Soldiers, and his first as a CEO entitled, “Rise & Become New”. On this album, you will hear Marlon’s story, his life of pain, a life of mistakes, a life of screw ups, and a life of redemption. Where he finds hope, how he measures truth, and what causes him to be the type of man that he has become.

There is much to indulge on with this album, with 18 tracks, you will find so much more than what you bargained for, and it will definitely end up on constant rotation, or your new go to album because of Mr. Marshall’s lyrical consistency and raspy delivery.

Listen to the Album Here:

Beyond the Walls, Volume 1 by Blood Related Entertainment

If we don’t speak, who will? We’ve been told that this album is very political, but in all reality this album has the Heart Cry of the people embedded in its lyrics. Don’t be fooled by the artwork, which showcases some of the disconnects of today’s society, and highlights the results of an evil in the world that’s only present because of the absence of the presence of the one and True God. In its infancy in 2015, Blood Related Entertainment had a roster consisting of Mr. Marshall, Pacaso Ramirez, Mark Collins and Paul G, and to fill the gaps, they worked with many artists that God opened doors to build relationships. This compilation had a very strong message, and will continue to be a staple as a voice piece for a people that are agonizing to be heard.

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