Intensive Praise Unit [I.P.U.]

Intensive Praise Unit, formed in 2004, is made up of 2 cousins, Zello and Jair Miracle, who never really knew each other for roughly the first 10 years of their lives. They became more connected through their family church, and really become more of brothers who were best friends, rather than cousins. As a group, they used to go by the group name “J4J, which stood for Just for Jesus”, which ended up being another groups name, so they were forced to change it. Zello was given a name by the Lord, Intensive Praise Unit, and it resonated with both of them. Prior to becoming a group, God had given Jermar a vision of being a Christian Rapper, when Christian Rap wasn’t even a thing. It wasn’t until an opportunity arose to see CHH pioneer Richie Righteous in concert, that this vision became more of a reality, and it enticed Zello to want to join his cousin in this conquest.

For years, they continually made music, creating crowd favorites like Spiritual Warfare, Give God Some Praise, Today, Dream Girl, and What Would You Do to name a few. The ironic thing was that they never released an album, mixtape or even a single. They struggled with the funds and resources to produce a quality album, and it began to take a toll on them, when it came to fulfilling their goals and dreams through music.

Around the year 2012, they were on a docket for an event with local Christian artist Pacaso Ramirez. After the event, they were able to connect with Pacaso to work on a joint feature entitled Who Is My Brother, for Pacaso’s Flood Gates: The Overflow LP. This relationship would only grow bigger and stronger, and it was on the eve of Pacaso’s release party for this particular album, that he swore to invest the time and energy into Intensive Praise Unit to help push them forward as a group to accomplish God’s calling in their lives.

According to Zello, Jermar aka Jair Miracle, is a great storyteller, and brings out the transparency out of the group, and according to Jermar, Denzel aka Zello, brings in an authenticity, and a realness that doesn’t stray away from speaking what God is speaking through him, and it doesn’t quit until he feels God is satisfied.

As a group, Intensive Praise Unit brings a different authentic sound to the Blood Related Family, and contributes a personal touch to every topic, and every song, not only as emcees, but as a group of producers. To the Kingdom of God, they love people, and want see people changed and transformed. If they can reach one life through one song, then it has all become worth it.


  • 2013 – Flood Gates: The Overflow LP
  • 2015 – Beyond the Walls, Volume 1
  • 2016 – Ain’t Going Back [Single]
  • 2017 – Rise & Become New
  • 2018 – All or Nothing: Not For Sale EP by Blood Related Entertainment
  • 2019 – Twin Towers


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