Until Our Last Breath | The RNF Status & Pacaso Ramirez

When you have 2 artist that have a work ethic that doesn’t quit, and you put them together to accomplish the same goal, which is a dope quality Contemporary Gospel Hip Hop Album, you get a project like Until Our Last Breath. Until Our Last Breath is an offering by Virginia Based Emcee Pacaso Ramirez and Florida Based Emcee The RNF Status, and these 2 emcees combine to bring a quality project that is rooted in Boom Bap Hip Hop, Lyrical Exhibitions and a message that explores and excites faith. The message of Christian Faith is saturated in this project from the inspiring intro from Pastor James T. Murkison to the last track entitled simply “Until Our Last Breath” conclude that no matter the circumstance, no matter the trial, no matter the day or agenda, we will live in a way the serves the Lord Jesus Christ, and exudes the principles of heaven.

Listen to the Contemporary Gospel Hip hop Album Here:

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