Ronald ‘TheNewOne’ Hawkins was born in St. Louis, Missouri and moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin when he was three years old. He was made aware of Jesus as a youth, but didn’t attend church. While sitting in the car after a cub-scout meeting he heard the song “rappers delight” by the Sugarhill Gang, and it was at that moment he knew he wanted to become a rapper. He began memorizing every song that he heard and would perform them on the bus while going to school for his friends. At the age of 12 his family moved back to St. Louis, Missouri. This became a difficult time, as he would experience the many pitfalls the streets have to offer our youth, thus finding refuge in his songs becoming a writer by the age of 14.

TheNewOne enlisted in the us air force and was stationed at Langley air force base, Virginia where he met his wife Tia. They were married in 1994, having their first child Tyler in 1996. He fell into infidelity, drugs, lying and stealing ultimately driving his marriage into a downward spiral resulting in him and his wife separating in 1998. As fate would have it, they both got jobs in northern Virginia and moved to the dc area a year later, but still in separate households.

After spending another two years apart, TheNewOne, who was at the height of his despair and destructive habits, fell on his knees and asked the Lord Jesus to come into his heart. The first thing he heard was, “get your family back”, leading him to begin mending the bridge with his wife whom he had been separated from for almost 4 years. His wife Tia had been saved throughout their separation and had been praying for him the entire time. His daughter Tyler had also been praying for restoration and a “new daddy”, one that “listened to God and Jesus”, and for a baby brother or sister. Ron got saved in Nov 2001, received baptism in the holy spirit one month later with the evidence of speaking in tongue. He began serving immediately at his new church, hallelujah cathedral, serving under bishops’ Steaven C. And Glovinia Harris. His family moved back in with him in Jan 2002. They found out Tia was pregnant in Feb, 2002 and they renewed their wedding vows in April of that same year. They now have 4 children, 3 that came after their restoration.

From the moment TheNewOne gave his life to Christ he’s deeply felt the need to begin writing and rapping for Jesus. The last step in his journey of redemption was to change his stage name from the m.c. Called Hawk, to TheNewOne and he truly indeed is a new creature in Christ.


2004 – Son of a King
2013 – GrownManMusic, Vol 1
2018 – All or Nothing: Not For Sale EP by Blood Related Entertainment

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