Twin Towers | Intensive Praise Unit

Intensive Praise Unit drops their first album “Twin Towers” under Blood Related Entertainment. Despite being a new face in the Digital Contemporary Rap scene, Intensive Praise Unit is no stranger. Over the passed 10 years, IPU has quietly performed quality sets with fan favorites like “Give God Some Praise” and “What Would You Do”, amongst many others.

The concept behind “Twin Towers” not only reflects on the group as being a dual emcee threat, but it also reflects on the groups Ground Zero status, and the rebuilding and relaunching of Intensive Praise Unit underneath the Contemporary Rap and Blood Related Entertainment platform.

On “Twin Towers”, you’ll find songs labeled by the sub-titles “Ground Zero” and “The Rebuild”. Ground Zero are songs that have been written and performed by Intensive Praise Unit over the course of the last 10 years, these tracks have been revamped with new instrumentals giving these tracks new life, and on The Rebuild, you will find new tracks that have been written for this album.

Intensive Praise Unit’s way of crafting stories with pain, hope and faith not only draw attention to our human flaws and our need for a savior, but also show that through life’s abundant trials, our way of escape resides in Jesus Christ.

Listen to the Contemporary Rap Album Here:

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